Ethics. Integrity. The Wingate University Honor Code demands it.

a male professor looks at the work of 2 female students on their laptop in a marketing class

How important is the Wingate University Honor Code? A copy hangs in every classroom on campus. Students sign an honor pledge on all of their classwork and tests. Their signatures commit them to academic integrity: They won’t lie, cheat, steal or plagiarize. And they won’t allow others to either.

Integrity isn’t limited to the classroom. Students who abide by the Honor Code conduct themselves in a way that doesn’t disrupt the learning environment on campus. At all times.

Integrity Violations

Wingate University students lead an honor council that also includes faculty and staff. Students charged with an Honor Code violation have a chance to plead their case in front of the honor council. If the honor council finds that a student has violated the academic Honor Code, there will be consequences.

Contact Us

If you have questions about the Wingate University Honor Code, stop by the Student Life Office in the DPC. Or contact Laura Brant, Director of Community Standards.

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