How do you get the housing assignment you want as a returning student? We’ve got the answers.

a female student assists incoming freshmen during Move In Day 2014

We welcome all housing requests. Just be sure to follow official policy and procedure. Remember that we determine housing by using rankings. You’ll also want to have a backup plan, in case your first choice doesn’t work out.

Housing for Returning Students

  1. Pick up your individual rank number. Sign on to WUSync, and click on “Campus Life” and then on forms. Fill out the rank pick-up form. Your rank will be emailed to you.
  2. Assemble a group of roommates, if applicable. See Housing Options below.
  3. If you’d like to move in with a group, only one group housing form is needed. Choose one group member to be responsible for filling it out and sending in the form on behalf of all of you. Go to “Campus Life” in WUSync, click on “Forms,” and select the “Group Housing Form” with the appropriate number. Fill out each student’s information: Name, ID, rank, E-mail and desired bedroom letter. All group members will receive an email with a link to validate the form. Housing is not fully approved until all parties have confirmed.
  4. Sign up for housing. Your sign-up time is determined by your group rank. One person can represent the group. If no one can attend the sign-up, send a representative to the Office of Residence Life before the scheduled date to select preferences.

Options for Returning Students

FDA (two single bedrooms)
Occupancy: 2

Helms (one single bedroom)
Occupancy: 1

Helms (one double bedroom)
Occupancy: 2

South Campus (two single bedrooms or four single bedrooms)
Occupancy: 2 or 4

UPA (one single and one double bedroom)
Occupancy: 3

Watson Village (four double bedrooms)
Occupancy: 8

Need a Roommate?

Roommate mixers are held throughout the year. You can also use Roommate Finder on WUSync. If you’re an incomplete group, you won’t be housed until you find others to complete the required number of occupants.


Rankings are based on total student population eligible for housing. The formula is determined by your Cumulative GPA x Hours Earned x Semesters Enrolled (total hours divided by 15) = Quality Points. The Office of Residence Life sends you a housing rank based on your quality point total at the beginning of the housing sign-up process. Groups of two and three average all rankings. Larger group (four or more) ranks are determined by the average ranking of 75 percent of the highest individual numbers.

Room Changes

We reserve the right to make room changes without the consent of resident students. Any notification of reassignment is sent in writing and communicated in person.

Any questions? You can call the Office of Residence Life or E-mail us. We’re happy to help you find the information you need!