If you’re like everyone who ever went to college, you’re nervous about moving to a strange, new place.

the move-in crew unloads a student's belongings for move in dayIt’s going to be fine! Trust us. We’ve been doing this a while. Still, we get a lot of questions, and you’re probably wondering the same things.

Why do I have to live on campus?

Late-night cram sessions, impromptu dance parties and crawling to the dining hall for a fresh-cooked breakfast are part of what college life is about. Not to mention the convenience of having the library, your classes and a study support network all in one place. As long as you’re here full-time, you can live on campus. But you don’t have to. All students are guaranteed housing, though some choose to commute when they meet certain criteria.

Say, do all students live on campus?

No, but most of them do. In fact, over 80 percent of Wingate students choose to live on campus in one of our three types of housing: residence halls, apartments or suites.

Where will I live?

As a first-year student, you’ll live in a residence hall (Cannon, Alumni or JM Smith). From your sophomore year on, you can opt for a residence hall, apartment or suite.

Who will I live with and how do you decide?

We choose your roommate based on the compatibility of responses in your housing questionnaire. As a freshman you’ll get your housing assignment in July. Upperclass students choose by the end of spring semester. It is possible to choose your roommate if you know someone you’d like to share with.

What if we’re not a great match?

One of the most life-changing college experiences is learning how to live, work and compromise with others. If you find yourself struggling, Residence Life and your RA/CA can help you resolve conflicts. But nothing is set in stone. If you absolutely don’t get along, we’ll help you find another situation.

How big are the rooms? Are there windows?

The floor plans on the pages for our residence halls are general indicators of what you might be assigned.

What kind of bed will I have?

All rooms are furnished with regular-sized twin beds. You can create bunk beds if you and your roommate agree to do so.

What about food?

Meal plans are included with room and board.

What kind of amenities are in the rooms?

We’ve listed them on each residence hall page:

Do I need flip-flops?

All types of residences have shared bathrooms. So yes, just in case, bring your flip-flops or shower shoes. Students rushing off to class with no time to tie their shoes might show up wearing their flip-flops.

If we haven’t addressed your question, please refer to the Wingate University Student Handbook for everything you need to know.