Living on campus gives you both a sense of community and independence.

a group of co-ed students plays volleyball on courts near the residence halls

As a first-year full-time student, you’ll be assigned to a room in either Cannon, HelmsJM Smith or Alumni halls.

When you’re a sophomore, you have the option of moving to one of the apartment-style or suite-style buildings: Helms, South Campus, Watson Village or FDA.

Co-Ed Housing

Co-ed buildings are arranged with women on one floor and men on another. Students of the opposite sex may not share a room or an apartment.

Climate Control

All rooms have individual air conditioning and heating units.


There’s no cleaning service for individual rooms. However, housekeeping takes care of community bathrooms and common spaces in residential halls.


Resident Assistants (RAs) oversee each residence hall floor. Community Assistants (CAs) oversee apartment-style buildings. They are there to help all students living on campus. RAs and CAs are supervised by the resident director in the Office of Residence Life.


Campus Safety services are available 24/7, with emergency posts around campus. If you need assistance, call 704-233-8999. No weapons or firearms, including paintball guns, airsoft guns and hunting knives, are allowed on campus at any time.


On weekdays, opposite sex guests are not allowed in first-year halls between midnight and noon. On weekends, opposite sex guests must leave the hall by 2am In apartments, guests of the opposite sex are allowed from 10am to 2am daily. Overnight guests of the same sex may stay for three consecutive nights in all housing units.

Wireless Access

Wireless Internet access is available on the entire campus, including residence hall and apartment lobbies. Personal wireless routers are not allowed in individual rooms. We recommend purchasing an ethernet cable for your room. We also ask you deactivate any wireless signals on your devices (printer, TV etc.) because they can interfere with our Wi-Fi service.