Knowledge is one of Wingate University’s three main pillars. Our special academic programs make this pillar even stronger.

two female students stand next to their undergraduate research, entitled "To Fly or Not to Fly?"

All Wingate University professors have one main focus: Giving you their best. That means if you decide to become a Bulldog, your professors are focused on you, not their research. Even outside the classroom, you’ll see how focused we are on your academic experience. We invite speakers to campus to cover relevant and current topics. We believe in academic integrity and protect it with our Honor Code. Students are reminded of this when they see it posted in every classroom on campus.

And that’s only the beginning. Our special academic programs surround Bulldog students with more opportunities to learn:

  • The Honors Program challenges nominated students with advanced courses and research.
  • The Lyceum Series is a program of 40 cultural and scholarly events students attend during their time at Wingate University.
  • Undergraduate research opportunities allow students to explore topics they love while gaining research training.
  • For sophomores, the new W’Engage program provides students with the chance to contribute to our communities, travel for 5-7 days to a U.S. destination to bring about positive social change and engage in a weekly seminar to explore a single topic, such as poverty or sustainability.
  • As part of the Wingate Reading Experience (WiRE), the campus community reads a selected book each year and participates in interdisciplinary activities related to it.


If you have questions about the special academic programs offered at Wingate University, stop by the second floor of the Stegall Administration Building. You can also call or e-mail Ms. Marisa Ciesluk.

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