Questions are at the heart of what we do. So we’re happy to answer these frequently asked questions about how things work at Wingate University.

Research. A WiRE book. A Lyceum event. They all begin with a question. We get questions too. Here are a few FAQs about the special academic programs at Wingate University.

How do I get involved in research projects for my major?

Speak with a professor in your major or talk with your academic adviser about undergraduate research projects.

What if I am undeclared? May I still do a research project?

Yes. Conducting research when you haven’t declared a major is a great way for you to see what you would be most interested in. Perhaps you’re curious about a topic discussed in a class. Maybe you want to explore something you enjoy outside the classroom. Perhaps current events have sparked an idea. Not sure how to get started? Talk with your academic advisor or contact the director of Special Academic Programs to discuss research opportunities.

What are the benefits of conducting research with a faculty member?

Conducting research or creative work allows you to learn more about yourself and helps you explore your chosen field of study. Through research, you:

  • Gain transferable skills needed for graduate school or employment
  • Develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills
  • Define personal and professional interests
  • Form relationships with mentors, faculty members and your peers
  • Network with experts in your field
  • Build your résumé

I want to be a music major. How can I still do a research project?

Many students believe research opportunities are available only to students in the sciences or Honors Program. However, we are committed to providing all students with opportunities to conduct research and engage in creative scholarship. In fact, one music major composed an original piece and performed it at our annual research showcase. The possibilities are endless.

What if I transfer to Wingate University? Do I still need to attend 40 Lyceum events?

The number of Lyceum events a transfer student needs is based on the number of credit hours originally transferred to Wingate University. The fewer credit hours that transferred, the more Lyceum events you need to attend.

What happens if I don’t attend all the Lyceum events before graduation?

Lyceum events are a graduation requirement and should be viewed as a class obligation. Attendance is crucial, and students must satisfy this requirement to participate in Commencement and/or to graduate. If you do not attend the required number of Lyceum events, you delay your graduation date.

How will I know when a Lyceum event is offered?

Approved Lyceum events are listed on the official Lyceum calendar, which can be found in your myGate portal. In addition, Lyceum events are listed on the Lyceum page, and weekly updates are sent via WU Life Weekly. You can also stay up-to-date on Lyceum events through social media, so follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

How many Lyceum events are offered each year?

Availability and frequency of events vary depending on time of year and semester. However, students have ample opportunities to attend Lyceum events over the course of their four years. We highly recommend students attend at least five Lyceum events per semester to be on track for graduation.

Do non-traditional students and commuters have to attend Lyceum events?

Yes. All students seeking an undergraduate degree must meet the Lyceum graduation requirement outlined in the course catalog.

Do I have to read the WiRE book?

No, but we strongly encourage you to read the WiRE book. It will be the premise for programs that you may attend once you arrive on campus in the fall. If you read the book, you’ll be prepared to engage in campus activities. And you can ask the authors questions during their campus visit. Plus, we have an essay-writing contest, where you could win awesome prizes and a chance to meet the author. So why not read it?

Will I be expelled for breaking the Honor Code?

Each Honor Code violation is different and is heard by a student-led honor council that also includes professors.

What is the speaker series?

The speaker series is a program that invites speakers to campus to discuss relevant topics. Speakers typically don’t just arrive on campus, speak and leave. They visit classes, host book signings, attend receptions and meet student leaders and faculty members during private dinners or luncheons. They even take selfies with students!

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