How far can you go academically? Want to challenge yourself? Consider joining the Honors Program.

students pose with the statues of American Founding Fathers during the 2013 Honors Program trip

We’re proud of the academic reputation we’ve been building for more than 100 years. All students are challenged and prepared when they earn a Wingate University degree. We’re also proud of an Honors Program that enriches, inspires and engages the most motivated and curious Bulldogs.

Professors can nominate students to join the program. If you feel you’re up to the challenge, you can nominate yourself at the end of the first semester of your freshman year. The minimum GPA required is 3.4. However, you can still be considered if you don’t have a 3.4 GPA if your nomination form shows promise. After the interview process, new honors students are announced during the Honors Program banquet in the spring.

Honors-Level Work

As an honors student, you begin taking honors courses the first semester of your sophomore year. After you choose an honors track in university honors, biology, chemistry or nursing, you can take at least three additional enrichment courses. Honors students appreciate that many of these classes are more discussion-based than traditional courses.

In addition to attending honors courses, you also:

  • Take a one-hour interdisciplinary seminar
  • Conduct an honors thesis or research project during your junior or senior year
  • Present your research at Wingate’s Creative and Investigative Partnership Research Symposium
  • Participate in an Honors Program trip to New York, Philadelphia or Washington, D.C.

An Honorable Presence on Campus

Honors students are very much a part of the Wingate University community, but they also enjoy some circles that others don’t. For starters, honors students study, socialize or unwind in their own lounge in Burris. They also have opportunities to network with Wingate University administrators and connect with upper-class honors mentors. That’s not all: Students in the Honors Program participate in discussion forums with speakers who visit campus.


If you have questions about the Wingate University Honor Program, stop by Burris Hall 104C to speak with Dr. Lenhardt or send her an email.