GPS 210 Honors – Perspectives in Literature
3 credit hours
In this course students explore literature from the ancient world to the present. The class examines these works’ cultural and historical contexts and discusses connections and distinctions between different cultures’ literary legacies. Students develop analytical and writing skills through close reading, class discussion, group presentations, creative work and research projects.

GPS 220 Honors – Economics and Political Science
3 credit hours
This course explores the intersection of politics and economics at a global level and investigates many important concepts associated with these disciplines. State development, democracy, nationalism, institutions and capitalism are among the topics considered. Students also take part in an interactive, in-class project to understand local political and economic challenges and how to solve them.

GPS 310 Honors – Perspectives in Ethics
3 credit hours
Rapid technological innovations have challenged our ability to translate moral traditions into practical guidelines for resolving ethical disputes in the modern world. In case study analyses and small group discussions, students apply concepts ranging from Aristotelian ethics to utilitarian schemes of pursuing the common good to discern sound ethical practices when confronted with challenges.

GPS 320 Honors – Global Histories
3 credit hours
This course begins in the eighteenth century and examines how the world of today developed the way it has. The major focus is on global inequality, especially due to the impact of Western imperialism on the developing world. Students study the ideologies of empire and how they impacted colonial societies in Asia and Africa. Students also focus on contemporary conflicts in the Middle East to try to understand their origins and how they are related to larger global processes.

Special Topics Courses
Honors 205 – Ideas in Fine Arts
3 credit hours
Students examine interrelationships among different forms of art, music and philosophical ideals from pre-Christian times to the present. This course meets the core fine arts requirement and is a substitute for Humanities 103 for education majors.
Prerequisite: Admission to the Honors program, sophomore standing.

Honors 210 – Mathematical Masterpieces
Spring; 3 credit hours
This course provides an introduction to some of the greatest theorems of mathematics, proofs and consequences of these theorems are discussed in historical context. The artistic and humanistic aspects of the mathematics are also addressed. The course meets the core requirement in math.
Prerequisite: Admission to the Honors Program, sophomore standing

Honors 220 – Honors Seminar
1 credit hour; Course may be repeated as topics vary for a maximum of three times with from one to three credits earned.
This course is an interdisciplinary examination of a timely, controversial or perennially favorite topic. Students conduct short readings and written responses on the seminar topic and are graded on a P / F basis.
Prerequisite: Admission to the Honors program; sophomore or junior standing

Honors 300 – The Making of the Modern Mind
3 credit hours
This course serves as an interdisciplinary seminar in the ideas that make the present age distinctive.Prerequisite: Admission to the Honors Program, junior standing

Honors 315 – Special Topics
3 credit hours
This course is an interdisciplinary and in-depth study of a significant academic topic proposed by a faculty pair or an individual with several guest lecturers. Students participate in a field trip or off-campus excursion to reinforce concepts stressed in the class. Special topics are approved by the Honors Committee.
Prerequisite: Admission to the Honors Program, junior standing

Honors 451 – University Honors Research Project
1 credit hour
Required for traditional track honors students who wish to complete graduation with University Honors.

Nursing 499 – Senior Honors Project
6 credit hours
Students in the nursing track in the Honors Program complete this course in lieu of taking Honors 451 in the traditional honors track. Students enroll in the course in the fall semester of the senior year and complete it in the spring semester. During the course, each student works with a faculty mentor to write a paper identifying best practices for a clinical nursing or nursing research topic of choice. The student may have the option of working with the faculty mentor to complete parts of an actual research study. The student presents this research publicly to nursing professors and students. The student can submit the research for presentation at a conference and for publication in a professional nursing journal.
Prerequisite: Permission of the instructor, Nursing 325 Honors

Students who are on the chemistry, biology or nursing track have opportunities to take in-class honors in their major for honors credit. Chemistry and biology students conduct research for two semesters in lieu of completing Honors 451. Please see the nursing research requirements under Nursing 499. Traditional track students can also apply for in-course honors in their major. See Dr. Lendardt or e-mail her if you have any questions.