Want to get noticed while gaining valuable experience and learning about something you love? Get involved in undergraduate research.

Undergraduate Kayla Gibson presents her research, entitled "Visions and Revisions of the Trojan War" Want to dig deeper into Henry V than what’s covered in a Shakespeare course? Do you have your sights set on graduate school and hope to stand out?

At Wingate University, students conduct undergraduate research beyond the classroom and laboratory walls. In fact, research opportunities carry students away to different parts of the United States and even abroad.

No matter what research you decide to conduct or where it takes you, a professor mentors you along the way. Your research could even be selected for publication in a journal. And while delving into your topic of choice, you’ll pad your résumé or graduate school application.

Summer Research Pays Off

Seven teams of one student and one professor are selected to undertake a 10-week summer research project. If you’re chosen to participate in this competitive program, you could receive funding for travel and on-campus housing during the summer. After the research is complete, students also receive funding to participate in conferences to share their findings.

Showcase Your Results

Students who conduct research for a course can present orally or with a poster during the Creative & Investigative Partnership Symposium. Their research is displayed in the library and across campus. While summer research students are guaranteed funding for conferences, other students are not. But if funds are available, they might be eligible for support to showcase their research on a local or regional level.

Take the Next Step

If you have questions about undergraduate research at Wingate University, stop by the second floor of the Stegall Administration Building. You can also call or e-mail Marisa Ciesluk.

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