The Wingate Research Review showcases student achievements in an annual publication.

Do you want to know what our students accomplish academically? The Wingate Research Review compiles the best undergraduate research and writing to emerge each year from advanced seminars, honors theses and funded research efforts.

Faculty and students collaborate on the production under the editorial leadership of Dr. John D. Sykes, chair of the English department. Topics range from race relations to dyslexia to elliptic curves cryptography to new interpretations of classic literature. You can read all past issues online, and pick up a copy of the newest edition each fall.

Wingate Research Review 2015 cover image

 Fall 2015 Issue 7

In addition to studies in biology, exercise science, history, psychology, English and education, the Fall 2015 volume of the Wingate Research Review includes two submissions from Wingate University’s recently added nursing program. Two special initiatives of the University, the University Honors and the Summer Research Program, also yielded entries.

Wingate Research Review 2014 cover image  

Fall 2014 Issue 6

The Fall 2014 selections from the Wingate Research Review include papers from the departments of psychology, music, history and English, covering such diverse topics as food addiction, musical culture and political change in Cuba, and anguish as art.

 Wingate Research Review 2013 cover image  

Fall 2013 Issue 5

The Fall 2013 selections from the Wingate Research Review include papers on North Carolina’s textile mills, perfectionism in gifted children, sex trafficking in Charlotte, North Carolina, and the influence of Calvinist theology on American identity.

 Wingate Research Review 2012 cover image  

Fall 2012 Issue 4

Wingate Research Review’s Fall 2012 volume covers disciplinary areas of chemistry, economics, history, philosophy and religion. Topics include political theology, existentialism and European sovereign debt crises.

 Wingate Research Review 2011 cover image  

Fall 2011 Issue 3

The Fall 2011 volume of the Wingate Research Review features essays in mathematics and economics and covers topics including desegregation in Union County, North Carolina, and a kinetic study of the reaction between tetraethylorthosilicate and acetic or formic acid.

 Wingate Research Review 2010 cover image  

Fall 2010 Issue 2

The Fall 2010 volume of the Wingate Research Review includes essays on such diverse topics as Jewish identity in Philip Roth’s “Goodbye, Columbus,” the role of women in election protests in Iran, eminent domain and motivation in middle school physical education classes. Research topics include a case study of hyperconsumption and globalization, and coaching behaviors.

 Wingate Research Review 2009 cover image

Fall 2009 Issue 1

The inaugural issue of the Wingate Research Review includes a theological reflection on lying, an interpretation of the novels of Chaim Potok, and a look at auto racing facts and myths in Charlotte, North Carolina. 


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