Gandhi said, “Be the change you wish to see in the world.” Are you ready to W’Engage?

If you’re a Wingate University sophomore, the W’Engage program offers an opportunity to contribute to surrounding communities and travel for 5-7 days to a U.S. destination in order to promote positive social change.

A weekly seminar focuses on a single topic of importance, such as hunger, education or ecology, explored in a course designed to ignite your need to create social change.

W’Engage Fall 2016

  1. New Orleans, LA – Hunger and Homelessness
    Professor: Dr. Heather Clontz
    Community Partner: Mission Lab
    Travel Dates: Fall Break
  2. Coasts of North Carolina – Ecology and Sustainability
    Professor: Dr. Cathy Wright
    Community Partner: Rachel Carson Reserve
    Travel Dates: Labor Day Break

Life Skills and Personal Growth

W’Engage helps you gain skills you can use for the rest of your life, no matter your major or intended career path. You also earn two hours of academic credit.

Grow as a Person

Throughout the W’Engage program, you grow as a person by developing a greater awareness of and respect for community issues. In addition, you learn to apply ethical reasoning to contemporary local, national and global issues. Students travel and work closely with learning teams and diverse groups. Together, you learn from one another as you have open-minded discussions in which you examine and reflect upon your personal values, assumptions and attitudes.

Find Your Voice

Through the primary-source field research and observations you conduct during the program, you help raise awareness of community concerns. As you analyze the concepts of community, leadership and development, you reflect on what you can do to address social problems. To really inspire those around you, however, you have to be able to get your points across.

Apply Your Knowledge

The program provides the opportunity to put your academic knowledge to use as you explore your topic area through hands-on learning both inside and outside the classroom. W’Engage encourages Wingate University students to identify, compare and contrast differences between their local community and the destinations they visit for field research.

Ready to W’Engage?

You must have sophomore standing with a 2.3 GPA by the start of the 2016 fall semester. Class will meet on Tuesdays from 5-6:15pm.

Students can apply for a seminar from March 29-April 5 via a brief online application. A committee reviews the applications and students will be notified of their enrollment. Students cannot self-register. Seminars have limited availability, and the cost is $100-150.