Freedom of conscience is respected. Religious conformity is never demanded. Our students recognize that we respect them.


A female student in a Wingate sweatshirt sits in front of the Wingate Baptist ChurchStudents at Wingate University embrace their differences. Wingate is another home for students from diverse backgrounds. Their experiences in college become part of who they are long after graduation. This is what recent graduates have to say about what makes this place special.

“So thankful for Wingate University. The professors really care about their students, and there are so many opportunities presented to students. The people I met at Wingate and the school has changed my life! You will get out of Wingate what you put in, similar to life.”  -Veronica Leigh Devine

“The teachers and staff at Wingate really care about me. I have been lucky enough to not only find an education here but a family as well.”  -Alan Davis

 “There aren’t many schools that can truly become a home and family to all who attend…but Wingate is one that can!” -Ben Richardson

“The time I spent at Wingate totally changed my life. It has so much to offer!” -Charles Zeno Wall