The Wingate University bike share program is a really BIGG deal.

graphic show how to share a bike in a bike share programOur student sustainability group, Bulldogs Into Going Green (BIGG), works hard to make the campus greener. BIGG’s biggest environmental sustainability initiative is the bike share program called BIGG WHEELZ. The program includes 32 bicycles located across the Wingate campus that everyone in the campus community is free to use.

And there are many benefits when students, professors and staff members choose to participate in the bike share program instead of driving a car. This alternative form of sustainable transportation:

  • Promotes the health and wellness of the campus community
  • Decreases traffic on and around campus
  • Reduces harmful emissions and pollutants
  • Provides the university with LEED Certification Credits

Easy as Riding a Bike

To participate in the bike share program, you must first download the Movatic app on your smart phone. Once you have the app installed, you can check out a BIGG WHEELZ bicycle with just a few swipes on your iPhone or Android phone. That’s easy to do, and we’ve included instructions on how to download the bike share app and rent a bike if you need help. Now there’s no excuse to drive instead of bike.

Rules for Riding

We’re excited about providing this bike share program to the campus community. Keep these guidelines in mind when participating:

  • You can rent a bike between 5:00am and 11:30pm.
  • Rental periods are limited to four hours.
  • Keys and bikes must be returned to the appropriate key box at the end of each rental period.
  • The Movatic Bike Share system works only if bikes are returned to keypads with corresponding numbers on bikes.
  • You may request to rent only one bike at a time.
  • You can report safety, damage or other issues regarding the bike through the Movatic app.
  • This is a student-run program. Please thank our sustainability work-study students and their student sustainability organization partners, Bulldogs into Going Green (BIGG).

Please contact us if you have a question about the BIGG WHEELZ bike share program.