Looking to graduate in four years? We’ve got the academic plan to guide you!

male and female student sit together studying from one textbook

Do you have questions about planning your course load so you can graduate in four years? Don’t worry. We want to help you graduate on time. That’s why we have a handy four-year academic plan that serves as a map for your years at Wingate University. The plan helps you optimize your time here and allows us to fulfill the Wingate University Pledge.

What’s the Wingate University Pledge?

A typical student at a North Carolina public university graduates in about 5.3 years. And the longer you’re in school, the more your degree costs. We want to maximize the value of your education. The Wingate University Pledge ensures that students who follow our academic plans while maintaining the required GPA graduate in four years. You’ll get the same excellent education and experience with a lower financial impact.

Where Do I Find My Plan?

Every major is different, so naturally each has its own four-year academic plan. You can find more about your specific plan by navigating to your major from the Majors and Programs page.

Still Have Questions?

That’s what we’re here for. E-mail Ms. Alexandra Finely¬†for assistance and answers.