Be resourceful about your learning.

a male and female student studying during a tutoring session

You’re here to learn. We’re here to help. The Academic Resource Center supports all Wingate University students in strategizing for success. During every step of your journey, we’re by your side with:

The Secret to Your Success

There’s more to academic success than showing up to class and memorizing material. Every student can learn more effectively and efficiently with solid skills proven to boost academic performance. Just as athletes train to improve their sprinting or passing, you can hone time management, writing and analytical skills.

Through Gateway 101, the college success seminar each freshman takes first semester, you’ll get a firm foundation for your life at Wingate University.

A Little Help Goes a Long Way

All students have different strengths and challenges. If there’s an area where you could use extra support, the Academic Resource Center is here for you. On-campus assistance is available through The Writing Center and Peer Tutoring.

At Wingate University, learning is personal. We will personalize your learning strategies and find the support you need.

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