It is nearly impossible to predict when an emergency or disaster might occur. And we hope it never does.

student jogging on paved path next to tall streetlampsIt is the responsibility of the Wingate University Crisis Management Team to plan and prepare for potential emergencies, disasters or a crisis. We work together to ensure the safety of the Wingate University family.

The crisis management team is comprised of university leaders and key campus directors. Its goal: To quickly assess and respond to emergencies.

Wingate University is committed to maintaining a healthy and safe environment. The specifics of our crisis management processes are outlined in our 2016-2017 Crisis Management Response Plan (PDF).

Committed to Safety

The mission of Wingate University’s Crisis Management team is clear, and the process for identifying and managing crises is as follows:

  1. Assess the situation and gather facts.
  2. Develop a response strategy.
  3. Analyze available resources and prioritize response actions.
  4. Contact and maintain relationships with key local resources.
  5. Communicate information to students, employees and families.
  6. Review progress of crisis response.

We also want to share additional PDF files that address specific safety concerns. Please take the time to become familiar with them.

Fire Safety Plan (PDF)

2016-2017 Crisis Management Response Plan (PDF)

2016-2017 Chemical Hygiene and Safety Plan (PDF)

2015 Health and Safety Policy (PDF)

Play Your Part

Don’t forget that students are also important members of our crisis management team.

If you are aware of a crisis, impending emergency, or you notice something suspicious, notify Campus Safety or call 911 immediately.