Keeping every member of the Wingate University community safe is our priority.

The Wingate University family is comprised of nearly 3,000 students, faculty and academic support staff. Ensuring the safety and well-being of everyone is a responsibility shared by the Office of Campus Safety, Office of Residence Life and the Town of Wingate.

But remember, the most effective component of a safety program is you!
We want you to follow these nine tips to stay safe:

  1. Stay alert to your surroundings. Keep an eye out for suspicious people.
  2. Walk with purpose and don’t make lingering eye contact with strangers.
  3. Trust your gut. If you feel like your safety is threatened, act quickly.
  4. Travel with a group of friends after dark.
  5. Never let a stranger into your residence hall.
  6. Take extra caution when walking or running at night.
  7. Don’t wear headphones while running or walking outside. If you must listen to music while you work out, head to the gym!
  8. Do not share residence hall or building access codes.
  9. Report any behavior you feel may be suspicious.

 Policies and Regulations

If you have questions about university policies and regulations, they are detailed in your 2016-2017 Wingate University Student Handbook (PDF). Vehicle registration and parking information is outlined in Student Parking and Vehicle Registration Brochure.

Important Contact Information

  • 24 – Hour Campus Safety Number – 704-233-8999
  • Title IX Coordinator – 704-233-8247
  • After Hours Residence Life Assistance – 704-233-8999
  • Emergency Phone Numbers – 911 from a campus phone

Blue-light help phones throughout campus provide a direct link to an emergency dispatcher.