You don’t let a disability hold you back. Make sure you don’t let the proper paperwork hold you back either.

If you’re a new student seeking academic accommodations or housing or meal plan accommodations, we need to hear from you so we can help.

The first step in receiving accommodations is for you to declare a disability and provide documentation to support it. And don’t worry: All documentation is kept confidential in the Office of Disability Support Services.

Just keep these eight guidelines in mind regarding disability documentation:

  1. The documentation you provide should be current.
  2. Documentation must be comprehensive. Make sure your documentation includes a clear and specific diagnosis as well as an explanation of current, functional limitations or barriers to access.
  3. Assessment of learning must be done using adult norms.
  4. Documentation for any disability must have been conducted by a professional qualified to do so for the particular disability.
  5. Accommodations and services are based on assessment of the current impact on academic performance or access to the university’s programs, facilities and services. An IEP, 504 plan or summary letter alone is insufficient to establish eligibility for disability support services.
  6. In the case of physical, health-related, psychiatric, head/brain injury and other disabilities, the documentation provided must include at minimum: a diagnostic statement with the date of the diagnosis, the current level of functioning and a description of limitations as they relate to the university’s physical and educational environment.
  7. The director of Disability Support Services will review your documentation to determine if/which accommodations will be made.
  8. Documentation guidelines for AD/HD, learning disabilities, psychiatric disorders and other specific disabilities are more detailed.

Contact Us

For more information, please visit us at the Academic Resource Center on the second floor of the library. Or you can e-mail or call Kristin Wharton at 704-233-8366.