The Office of Information Technology has developed these policies to better serve you.

We urge you to know and understand the following policies before arriving on campus:

  1. Bring a long network (Ethernet) cord for your desktop computer, laptop or video game console for use in your residence hall room.
  2. Bring all your computer installation CDs and DVDs with you.
  3. Bring a USB thumb drive to save your data to or an external hard drive to back up your data. You may want to use an online account to store your data apart from your primary computer. This protects your data in case of a hardware or software failure.
  4. Have current anti-virus, anti-spyware and anti-malware protection installed on your computer.
  5. Please do not install wireless routers or printers on campus. You may use a personal switch or a wired printer. Using personal wireless routers or printers disrupts and interferes with others who are connecting to the campus network and the Internet.
  6. Update your version of Microsoft Windows or Apple OS X with the latest software releases and security patches.
  7. We recommend that you bring a laptop rather than a desktop to campus. A laptop travels easier and is useful when taking notes and collaborating with other students on assignments.

Contact Us

Visit us on the second floor of the library if you have any questions for the IT Help Desk staff.