Following U.S. government regulations ensures you can study, travel and work legally while you’re at Wingate University. Here’s the most critical information you need to know.

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We stay current with government requirements for international students and can help you understand the following aspects of studying in the United States.

Please note that you are responsible for meeting all government requirements and deadlines. For detailed information, please refer to our International Student Handbook (PDF). Regulatory updates are added to this website.

Maintaining an F-1 Visa

Most international students enroll at Wingate University under F-1 immigration status. This grants you specific parameters for study, travel and work while you’re in the United States.

Understanding Employment Regulations

International students may work in the United States but must follow strict immigration regulations. A violation of work-related regulations may jeopardize your ability to stay in or return to the United States.

Required Tax Forms

If you earn money in the United States, whether from a job, scholarship or other source, you must pay income tax and obtain a Social Security Number (SSN). Your Social Security Number is necessary for tax reporting and determining eligibility for Social Security benefits. For more information, see Chapter 1 of the International Student Handbook (PDF).

Obtaining Picture Identification

Acquiring a North Carolina state identification (ID) card and/or driver’s license gives you a valid photo ID to carry. This is preferable to your passport, which is difficult to replace if lost or stolen.

Preparing for Travel

Travel, especially out of the country, requires planning because your student visa status is closely scrutinized. You must carry valid required immigration documents to re-enter the United States.

Unsure About Anything?

Just ask us. We want you to navigate confidently at Wingate University. If you need more information or assistance, let us know.