InternationalPrograms_StudentsFlags_330x330You are responsible for maintaining your F-1 visa status.

Below are some tips on how to stay in status during your time at Wingate.

Know Your DSO

Your Designated School Official (DSO) at Wingate University oversees and signs your legal documentation. Your DSO is your resource for any questions or concerns. You’ll learn who the DSOs are during the mandatory orientation for new international students.

Organize and Update Your Documents

I-20: Certificate of Eligibility for Nonimmigrant Student Status
You receive this form from Wingate University when you’re admitted. Do not let your I-20 expire and remember to keep all copies of your prior I-20 forms.

Contact your DSO immediately for any of the following:

  • Extending your program at Wingate University (beyond the date listed on your I-20)
  • Changing major, program, or educational level (example: undergraduate to graduate)
  • Not meeting full-time enrollment, dropping a class, or not passing your classes
  • Taking a leave of absence or a break from school
  • Transferring to another U.S. university
  • Moving to a new address or getting a new telephone number

The I-20 requires a current DSO signature, especially if you travel internationally during your course of study. This signature must be updated every 12 months. Visit OIP during office hours to get your travel signature!

Your passport must always be valid for at least six months. Renew it through your home country’s embassy in the United States or at home.

I-94 Arrival / Departure Record
You must print and submit a copy of your I-94 when you travel to or from the country.

Visa Stamp
If you leave the United States with an expired visa, you cannot re-enter as a student unless you renew your visa. To renew your F-1 visa, visit a U.S. embassy or consulate in your home country. Visas cannot be renewed in the US.

Obtain Work Authorization

You must have prior authorization from the Office of International Programs in order to legally work on- or off-campus. Violation of these regulations places you out of status and could prevent you from completing your academic program or from re-entering the United States.


Just ask the Office of International Programs. We are here to help! | 704.233.8998