Not sure study abroad fits into your schedule or budget? Wingate University’s international opportunities offer a wide range of options.

study abroad group on the plane on their way to europe

We’ve heard it countless times from returning students: “Study abroad changed my life!” We believe them. Whether you want to develop your intercultural skills for your career or simply want to add cultural awareness to your resume, you’ll find the right program for you at Wingate University.

Studying samba music on Brazil’s northeast coast?
Tracing the roots of psychology in Vienna and Prague?
Exploring the ruins of a 9th century kingdom in Cambodia?

We’ll get you there.

Choose a Program

Our signature W’International Program allows eligible juniors to study abroad for 10 days for $1,000 or less. It’s our commitment to every student who qualifies. That’s why we offer new and challenging topics and destinations developed by the faculty each year.

You’ll also find study abroad courses offered by academic departments, such as Intensive Immersion Spanish. The Office of Internships and Career Services helps to coordinate internship programs abroad during the summer months.

Outside programs may be approved for Wingate University credit. Examples include:

  • Approved internships
  • Approved summer programs
  • Semester-long programs

Check Into Funding

Wingate University offers Wingate International Grant for Students (WINGS) to support study abroad.

Federal and Wingate University financial assistance may apply for international study.

Individual programs and organizations may also offer scholarships and grants to qualified individuals.

Pack Your Bags

With your details arranged, it’s time to look ahead to departure. Research your destination. Visit the language lab to practice with a foreign language tutor.

Or ask us to connect you with a fellow student who’s studying abroad or an international student who’s on campus.

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