Getting the right intern or employee you want begins with writing an effective internship or job description. Here’s how.

career_services_events_pg_student_two_employees_office_door_330x330Are you looking for an intern or employee? Help students learn about your company and the opportunities you offer with an effective internship or job description. Be sure to use your own words so it’s unique. And remember, you can change it if you need to.

Effective Descriptions

An effective description can include all of the following sections, but it doesn’t need to. The most effective descriptions contain as much information as possible so that students are well-informed.

  • Title of Internship: Let students know what the internship or job is by using a position title such as Marketing Intern or Accountant.
  • Location: Where is the position located? Be sure you provide the city and state.
  • Full- or Part-Time: Students need to know how much time they’ll be expected to devote to the internship or job. While most internships are part-time during the school year, they can be part- or full-time during the summer.
  • Description: Get students excited about working at your company with a strong description about what your company does. Describe briefly what the intern or employee is expected to do. One or two sentences is enough. You can also mention who will supervise the position.
  • Payment: If the position is an internship, indicate if it’s a paid or unpaid position; we need to know for our records. If it’s an unpaid position, you’ll need to really sell your company to get students excited about working there.
  • Responsibilities: What projects or tasks will the intern or employee be required to do? Be specific. Companies usually list 5–10 responsibilities. Examples include:
    • Assist staff with presentations for clients
    • Manage the accounting and reporting of specific investments
    • Research trends in healthcare
  • Qualifications: What traits are you looking for in the ideal candidate for the position? List qualifications, using “prefer” rather than “require.” Examples include:
    • An interest in content marketing (Or any job-related interests)
    • Excellent communication and presentation skills
    • A candidate who is a junior or senior, though underclassmen may be considered
  • How to Apply: Please tell us if you prefer students to email their résumé, apply on your website or contact you in another manner. Your job posting can be set to match your requirements.

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