Your top concern is your student getting a job after graduating from Wingate University. It’s ours too.

The Center for Vocations, Internships and Career Services works hard to prepare your student for life after college. We help during all parts of the job search, from creating a résumé and cover letter to practicing interviewing skills.

We know that your student values your opinion and input. You can help your student plan for a career by:

  1. Allowing your student to decide what they want to do after college.
  2. Encouraging your student to conduct research or apply for an internship.
  3. Encouraging your student to consider supplementing their choice of major with a minor.
  4. Recommending to your student to contact our office before senior year to talk about career options. Students can take our online career assessment to help choose a major or career path and upload their résumé to CareerGate. They can attend events such as career fairs and résumé workshops and use our Career Resource Center to help prepare for the future.
  5. Encouraging participation in activities outside the classroom that help build a résumé.
  6. Encouraging volunteer work to network and add skills to a résumé.
  7. Steering your student to take an active role in planning for their future.
  8. Helping choose a major.
  9. Helping explore careers.
  10. Helping your student find a job.
  11. Listening to your student’s concerns and fears regarding a choice of major.
  12. Remembering that success can be measured in a number of ways. Earning money is only one measure of success. Others include being mentally stimulated and challenged, contributing to society, having a job that excites you and helping others.
  13. Supporting your student’s choice of major.

Contact Us

Want to hear more ways you can help your student prepare for life after Wingate University? Stop by to see us on the first floor of Alumni Hall, or email Rev. Dane Jordan.