Auditing a class: Relax and learn something new.

professor in blazer discusses accounting while her students take notesAre you interested in taking a course purely for the sake of academic enrichment? If so, try auditing a class. This involves taking a standard class but not receiving credit or a grade.

You may audit a course if you get permission from the professor and the Registrar. If you are a part-time student, you need to pay a $320 audit fee. This is nonrefundable if you withdraw from the course for any reason.

Course Audit Form

Before auditing a class, you must complete the Wingate University Course Audit Form, which you can find on myGate. Fill it out completely, including your full name, student ID number and course ID and section. Then you and the instructor must sign the form. The completed form must also be signed by a representative in the Office of the Registrar.

Changing Class Status

If you want to keep taking the class but change your status from audit to receiving credit for the class, you can do that. However, you must do it within the first four weeks of the semester. You cannot change a for-credit course to audit status once the mid-semester date has passed.

Auditing a class can be a great way to gain fresh knowledge without the pressure of grades. Remember though, you don’t receive credit for the course. If you’re unsure about auditing a class, discuss your options with the professor.