It’s time for a new semester and fresh learning opportunities. What comes first? Register for your classes.

new female student posing with the Bulldog mascot at freshmen orientationYou learn something new every day when you sign up for the courses we offer. Registration is the time to do just that.


To register for classes, you need to have been admitted to Wingate University. To apply for admission, please contact the Office of Admissions at 704-233-8200 or 800-755-5550.


Completing the re-admission process must take place before class registration. If you have not been a Wingate University student for one semester or more, you must apply for re-admission. If you withdrew in the middle of the previous semester, this rule applies to you too. If you missed more than one semester, you must follow the degree requirements outlined in the current Academic Catalog for the semester of re-admission.

Preregistration and Final Registration

Newly admitted students and students who didn’t preregister may register on predesignated dates.

Academic Advising and Registration

Please follow academic advising and registration procedures that apply to your student status:

  • Full-time returning students: Make an appointment with your academic advisor for advising and registration through WinLINK.
  • Freshmen and re-admitted students: The Director of Academic Advising at Ethel K. Smith Library will assist you.
  • Seniors: Complete a commencement application at registration.
  • Transfer students: Refer to the transfer student checklist for information about registration.
  • Visiting or part-time students: If you’re taking up to six hours, complete an admission application and check the visiting student or part-time student status box.

Auditing Classes

If you are registering for a class and plan to audit it, obtain permission and complete a course audit form.

Have more questions? Contact the Office of the Registrar.