What is a leave of absence? Here are the details.

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The Temporary Leave of Absence (TLA) allows you to take part or all a semester off and still be enrolled. To be eligible for TLA, a student must be in good academic and social standing at Wingate University.


A student is eligible for TLA for certain reasons:

  • Medical issues
  • Overseas travel opportunities with different institutions
  • Specific needs, such as military service or death of a family member

Documentation and Review

To apply for TLA you must provide:

  • A written recommendation from someone familiar with your situation, such as a medical professional for TLA involving medical issues. This document must explain the reason for requesting TLA.
  • Temporary Leave of Absence Request form

After the reviewers come to a conclusion about TLA, they notify you through a decision letter.

Exit Strategy

You must contact the Office of Financial Planning and the Business Office within 30 days of the official TLA date. It’s mandatory that you pay all university account balances before leaving campus.

Ending TLA

To end your TLA and return to campus, you need to provide certain information:

  • If leave was for medical reasons, you need written documentation to end the TLA. It must explain that you are able, from a health and safety standpoint, to return to campus. If your TLA was for a different reason, provide documentation from someone familiar with your situation.
  • Complete and submit the Temporary Leave of Absence Re-entry Request form

The Vice President of Academic Affairs decides if the request should be approved, and you receive a decision letter.

Please contact us with any other questions, and see our TLA checklist.  We hope you never need to take a temporary leave of absence. But if you do, we’ll help you follow the necessary steps, and we look forward to your return.