Transferring credits from a North Carolina community college? Here’s how it computes.

We’re happy to welcome transfer students from other colleges and universities. That includes North Carolina community colleges (NCCC). Certain NCCC courses are considered equivalent to Wingate University courses. This determines how classes taken at these schools translate into credits at Wingate University.

Transfer Guide

All North Carolina community colleges share a common course numbering system. The NCCC Transfer Guide contains a lengthy list of courses. It indicates how many Wingate University credits a student transferring from a NCCC receives for each course.

To help you understand the transfer guide, we have a selected examples below. From left to right, each line indicates a NCCC course number and a NCCC course name. Next is the equivalent Wingate University course and the number of Wingate University credit hours received for that course.

NCCC Courses NCCC Course Title WU Course Equivalent Hours
ACC 126 Principles of Financial Accounting I ACCT 253 4
ART 111 Art Appreciation ART 110 2
BIO 111 General Biology I BIO 150 4
HIS 111 World Civilizations I GPS 120 3
MUS 110 Music Appreciation Fine Arts GER 3

We understand that transferring to Wingate University and calculating your transfer credits can be complex. If you have any questions, contact the Office of the Registrar for help.