Final exams can be stressful. Getting the final exam schedule shouldn’t be. We’ll help you with that.

students walking across campus beside a decorative fountain with a large live oak tree in the foregroundYou’ve worked hard all semester and before you know it, final exams are right around the corner. To take some stress off your shoulders, we publish specific schedules for each semester.

These general guidelines apply to the final exam schedule:

  • Exams should be scheduled for three (3) hours using the below schedule. The final exam period is considered part of the academic term and is used in calculating the required number of contact hours for academic credit. Final exams may not be administered on Reading Day or on the final day of classes.
  • If a student is scheduled for three (3) exams on the same day, he or she may request that one exam be rescheduled to another day at a time to be coordinated between the instructor and student.
  • Classes that fall within one of the designated times on the exam schedule, even if not an exact match,  should use the designated time slot on the table. For example, a 2:00 p.m. MW class will use the exam slot designated for 2:00 p.m. MWF.

Final Exam Schedule

Are you wondering when you’ll take final exams this semester? Kudos for planning ahead and being prepared. Here are the schedules for the current academic year:

Undergraduate Exam Schedule


Fall 2017 9am 1:30pm 6pm
Wednesday, December 6 9am MWF 1pm MWF 3 or 3:30pm MWF,  M only and W only
Thursday, December 7 8am MWF 12pm MWF 3 or 3:30pm TR, T only and R only
Friday, December 8 9:30am TR 2pm MWF
Saturday, December 9 10am MWF 12:30pm TR
Monday, December 11 8am TR 11am MWF 4pm or after MW, M only and W only
Tuesday, December 12 11am TR 2pm TR 4pm or after TR, T only and R only


Spring 2018 9am 1:30pm 6pm
Wednesday, May 2 11am TR 2 pm TR 4pm or later MW,  M only and W only
Thursday, May 3 9am MWF 1pm MWF 4pm or later TR, T only and R only
Friday, May 4 8am MWF 12pm MWF
Saturday, May 5 9:30am TR 2pm MWF
Monday, May 7 10am MWF 12:30pm TR 3pm or 3:30pm MWF, M only and W only
Tuesday, May 8 8am TR 11am MWF 3pm or 3:30pm TR, T only and R only

We know final exams are overwhelming. Lessen your load just a bit by adding your exam times to your calendar now. We wish you all the best as you close out the semester on a high note.