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Check them out from your smartphone or print them out for use when your assignment deadline is looming. These tips, suggestions and guidelines can help you become a better writer. (We also encourage you to drop by the Writing Center for help when you need it.)

Grammar and Mechanics

Writing well means constructing sentences that are clear and easy to follow. These PDFs can help you write more effective sentences, the first step in becoming a stronger writer.
Active Passive Voice
Choosing a Verb Tense
Commas, Comma Abuse and Comma Splice
Sentence Fragments
Splitting Infinitives
Tense Agreement of Subject and Verb

Argumentative and Research Writing

Research involves finding information and then forming an argument with that information. How can you write a strong argument? Check out these PDFs for tips on arguments and how to handle source materials.
Classical Arguments
Evaluating Source Material
Integrating Source Material
Key Terms in Argumentation
Logic, Claims and Fallacies in Argumentative Writing
Reading Source Material Critically
Reading to Write
Rogerian Arguments
Toulmin Arguments
Writing an Argumentative Essay

Writing Essays

Does the word essay make you break out in a cold sweat? Put those jitters behind you. These PDFs can help you perfect every essay you write.
Computer Settings for Essays
Exploratory / Evaluation Essays
Preparing an Outline
Understanding Writing Prompts

Writing for Specific Majors

Should you approach an essay for biology the same way you approach one for history? These PDFs help you write better essays in different subjects.
A Guide to Writing in Psychology
Brief Guide to Business Writing
English Literature Essays

Essays for Communication Studies
Essays for History Studies
Essays for Religious Studies
Essays for Science
Essays for Social Science
Reading, Writing and Researching for History
Writing the Sociology Paper


Perfect your writing style with help from these PDFs.
Concise Sentences
Effective Paragraphs
Sentence Variety
Style versus Grammar
Thesis Statements
Thesis Statement Tips and Examples
Word Choice: Connotation versus Denotation


Being a better writer also means being a better reviser and editor. How can you do that? These PDFs will show you.
Higher Order Concerns vs. Lower Order Concerns
Proofreading for Compound Sentence Commas
Proofreading Strategies
The Difference Between Revising and Editing

APA Style

When your assignment calls for APA Style, you need to know proper APA formatting. These PDFs will show you the way.
APA Overview (Model Paper)
Abstract, Intro Section, Title Page
Citations and References
Discussion Section
Method Section
Paper Format Guidelines
Reference Section Guidelines
Results Section Guidelines

Helpful Links

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Purdue University Online Writing Lab

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