We invite you to help us create innovative and engaging living and learning spaces to promote excellence.

Bricks and mortar, steel and stone and critical equipment underlying the delivery of an exceptional education program may seem mundane. But to our faculty, staff and students, who spend the majority of their lives learning, living and working in these spaces, they are critical components to our educational mission. Residence halls, classrooms, athletic facilities, dining facilities, laboratories and libraries are part of an intricate network of spaces linked together by the people who use them and the outcomes that result in having the best places to live, learn and work. These are known as capital projects. The investment in these projects ensure Wingate University continues to recruit and retain the students who invest in us.

Current Project: The Health and Wellness Center

elevated running track around the perimeter of the basketball court in the new health and wellness center

Wingate College has evolved into Wingate University, with more than 2,000 undergraduate students, most of whom live on campus. Yet the space for student athletes’ training needs and workout space for the general student population has remained the same for more than 50 years. Wingate University is making an investment in a new Health and Wellness Center to provide space for state-of-the-art exercise equipment, workout areas, intramural sports and offices that will free-up space for dedicated athletic training, as well as allow more coordinated and robust wellness programs for the entire campus community. This new facility is a major attraction point for prospective students making their college choice.

 For more information about making a gift and naming opportunities for this exciting capital project, please contact Mr. Vint Tilson.