The leaders of tomorrow are learning their skills today.

Leaders have emerged throughout Wingate University’s history with the courage to anticipate change rather than react to cultural forces. These committed and generous advocates have grown our school from a 19th century high school to a 21st century regional institution of distinction.

Board of Visitors

Composed of alumni and friends of the university, the Board of Visitors is committed to advancing Wingate University’s growth and development. Members award grants from the Board of Visitors Fund for deserving, one-of-a-kind student and faculty projects. Members also serve as ambassadors for the university.

The Board of Visitors awards approximately $40,000 to our faculty and students each year. Over the past decade, 141 grants, totaling $430,000, have been awarded. These grants enabled students and faculty to take advantage of special learning opportunities, including:

  • Career Development Internship Experiences
  • Earthwatch Madagascar Expedition
  • New Writing Center
  • Undergraduate Research Journal
  • Volleyball Team Mission Trip to Nicaragua

In terms of membership requirements, Board of Visitors members are expected to:

  • Assist the president in achieving the strategic plan of the university
  • Attend two board meetings each year
  • Give or secure a $1,000 gift to the Board of Visitors Fund
  • Interact with students and faculty at each board meeting
  • Recruit one new member to the board during their term
  • Support the Christian philosophy and ideals of Wingate University as a faith-based institution, where Faith, Knowledge and Service are our three pillars
  • Serve a four-year term
  • Serve as ambassadors of goodwill and information on behalf of the university in their local communities, and among neighbors, friends, alumni, parishioners, business associates, high school students, prospective donors and potential members.

If you’d like to join the Board of Visitors or have questions about it, please email Ms. Becca Jones or call her at 704-233-8828.

Board of Church Advisors

The Wingate University Board of Church Advisors was founded and organized to provide spiritual and financial support to the student ministry program for Wingate University. In the early years, Wingate University ratified a covenant with the church by codifying a relationship with the North Carolina Cooperative Baptist Fellowship. Today, Wingate University is poised to create a larger table for collaborative engagement on matters of spiritual identity, faith formation, vocational exploration and service.

The Board of Church Advisors has partnered with the university to help address the need for meeting the demands of a growing student ministry to a denominationally diverse student body, to actively engage church and community lay and clergy leaders in the ongoing dialogue of Church and Academy, and to increase financial and advocacy support for ongoing and new initiatives to support the spiritual life of the faculty, staff and students.

The Board of Church Advisors membership is gathered from churches, local service agencies and mission agencies that reflect diversity in denominational affiliation, ethnic background and lay/clergy leadership status.

Members are committed to serve in the following areas:

  • As ambassadors in the church and community by hosting and recruiting
  • As advisors and advocates, with a primary responsibility to assist in covenant review
  • As collegiate servers to mentor, teach and provide internships
  • As financial supporters on a personal level

If you are interested in learning more about the Board of Church Advisors, please contact Dr. Harry Workman or call him at 704-233-8319.

Alumni Advisory Council

The Wingate University Alumni Advisory Council supports the programming and direction of alumni activities. Members of the council nurture the relationship between the university and alumni in addition to helping to plan and implement strategic alumni initiatives.

Members of the Alumni Advisory Council are expected to:
  • Serve a three-year term
  • Attend two meetings each year
  • Participate in two conference calls each year
  • Recruit one member to the council during their term of service
  • Support the Annual Fund during each year of service
If you are interested in being a member of the council, please email Brittany Bumgarner or call her at 704-233-8303.