Matching gifts are one way to make a contribution to the university and then sit back and watch your gift grow.

Wingate University alumni and the Bulldog mascot

Did you know many employers match their employees’ charitable donations? It’s true, and Wingate University qualifies as a charitable recipient for any matched funds your employer provides. An employer match can sometimes double or triple the value of your donation, with little effort required on your part.

The size of your contribution doesn’t matter unless your employer has a specific policy in place. What matters is that you are willing to take that extra step to make a difference for our students. And, as with all supporters, being a donor makes you one of our stakeholders. We’re proud to welcome you to our Bulldog family.

Are you ready to see your contribution doubled or maybe even tripled?

To contribute via gift matching, first confirm your company’s matching gift policy, then request a gift-matching form. Complete your employer’s form and submit it with your contribution to Wingate University and the Office of Resource Development coordinates the rest.

That’s all there is to it. If you have any questions, please call us at 704-233-8115.