At Wingate University, we understand that your role in supporting your student evolves as questions and needs mature.

Three students hold rally towels.

Here’s a curated collection of advice based on our experience working with parents through the years. These resources were selected to connect you with outside education resources and research where possible.


Academic advisors
Assisting your student in career planning
Establishing effective study habits and a study space
How to support your student in choosing a major
Managing perfectionism
Minimizing procrastination
Roommate issues

Family Support

Family Weekend
Communicating with your student from afar
Having tough conversations with your college-age student
How to help your student cope with your divorce
Managing sibling relationships in the college transition

Health and Wellness

Counseling services for students
Expert tips on staying healthy in college
How to become aware of drug and alcohol issues
Health insurance for students
Parents’ guide for students in distress

Student Life

Is Greek life right for your student?
Helping your student establish credit
Making the most of summer opportunities
Study abroad opportunities

Student Safety

Campus security
Discussing personal safety with your college student
Social media and Internet safety
Tips for safety at college

Are you wondering about a topic that’s not covered here? Get in touch with us at the Office of Parent Relations. We look forward to finding resources to meet your needs and updating our resource list for more parents like you.