Your student is enrolled at Wingate University! Now it’s time to support the course of study. Here’s what you can do in your student’s first year to help find a just-right academic fit.

two students interview another student on campus with a microphone and video camera

In the first year, students formally or informally assess their skills, interests and abilities. They do this by finding success (or failure) in courses they take as well as involvement in campus activities. They consider discussions with their friends and faculty and their exposure to different ideas and experiences.

Most students enter college with a very limited knowledge of the courses and majors available to them. When they delve into new studies, even those who entered with a plan may be drawn to different options.

How You Can Help

Support your student’s exploration of new areas of study and interests. This is what education is about.

Remind your student of personal skills and abilities. They sometimes overlook their strongest or natural talents.

Talk with your student about courses and activities enjoyed. Students discover new things about themselves throughout the college experience. Your willingness to listen can keep you in the loop.

Provide Feedback, Not Forceful Direction

Don’t panic if your child is excited about majoring in an area that doesn’t directly align with an obvious professional career. Majors such as English, history and communication are excellent choices, particularly if they match a student’s interests and skills.

Support your student’s involvement in campus activities, making clear that achievement in the classroom takes priority.

Finally, urge your student to connect with our Career Services staff, where resources are available to assist students of all levels.