At Wingate University, we encourage you to discuss career possibilities with your student.

college student working on his laptop at a large desk

Your knowledge of your student’s interests and abilities can uncover possibilities and strategies along the path to the working world. Your professional and social networks are also valuable to your student, starting out.

Encourage your student to reflect upon personal skills, values and interests, which may ultimately lead to career satisfaction.

Let Your Student Decide

Try to avoid pressuring your student. Share your confidence in individual ability to research and make this important decision.

Support Your Student’s Choice

Many students change majors. It’s okay to be undecided. Students take many classes that help them to find subjects of interest.

While some parents think certain majors lead only to “impractical” jobs, remember that a specific major could lead to many careers. And while some majors such as accounting may link to specific careers, students may decide to pursue other career paths.

Listen For Concerns

Students often feel overwhelmed when choosing a major. Keep in mind that some programs are particularly rigorous, including pre-pharmacy, pre-medical and pre-dental. It’s okay for your student to decide to pursue another path or consider a minor to combine diverse interests.

Some students choose a career based on their parents’ wishes. You have a lot of influence. Encourage your student to choose a field that truly fits personal skills and interests.

Most professionals hold several jobs in their lifetimes and define success in a number of ways. Our goal is to prepare students for work that they find fulfilling, stimulating and challenging.

For more information on parent resources, visit the Center for Vocations, Internships and Career Services.