Planning a career starts with self-assessment and exploring possibilities. Our tools help students find a great professional fit.

Selecting a course of study is a serious undertaking. Career resources at Wingate University help your student follow their interests and choose a major. It’s important to offer support and feedback along the way.

Steps for Career Research

college student working on his laptop at a large deskAs a parent, it’s natural for you to want to help them pursue a fulfilling career. Here are five ways to assist them.

  1. Encourage your student to become involved outside the classroom (while still maintaining a solid GPA). The skills gained through campus organizations also apply in the working world.
  2. Encourage your student to take Focus2, our online assessment to identify strengths and interests.
  3. Support your student in volunteering or finding internships or apprenticeships to gain networking opportunities and skills for a résumé. Don’t forget to plumb your professional and social network, too. But, teach your student to do the work themselves; employers want students who take initiative.
  4. Use CareerGate-Powered by Purple Briefcase, our online job/internship database that allows your student to upload a résumé for off-campus positions.
  5. Urge them to visit our Career Resource Center and attend career fairs to get a feel for the job market and application process.

Career Planning Tools

For more information about careers, these resources can help you help your student.