The Center for Internships, Vocations and Career Services can assist you in canvassing the job market and making connections.

a female student enjoys a camel ride in front of several Egyptian pyramids while studying abroad

Encourage your student to consider an internship or undergraduate research experience, as early as the sophomore year. We also offer international internships.

Remind your student that the job market fluctuates and that careers currently in demand may not be “hot” in a few years. Or, they may not be in demand in the part of the country where your student dreams of living.

Help your student practice networking at every turn, including among friends of friends, parents of friends and among your acquaintances.

As your student approaches senior year, consider giving interview-appropriate wardrobe items as gifts.

Have your student rehearse interview techniques to help them become comfortable with the process, then schedule a mock interview with a career advisor.

For more suggestions, see Help Your New Grad Find a Job, courtesy of the National Association of Colleges and Employers.

Job Databases

After your student checks out CareerGate, our database for matching students and jobs, suggest they explore these:

For more suggestions, encourage them to stop by the Center for Vocations, Internships and Career Services.