Fraternities and sororities mean more than just social events. Here’s a guide to helping your student consider Greek life at Wingate University.

A group of students pose around a bright pink firetruck during Relay for Life 2014Fraternities and sororities were founded on four basic principles:

  • Friendship
  • Leadership
  • Scholarship
  • Service

Most visibly, the Wingate University fraternity and sorority community gives your student a support network away from home. Their individual chapter becomes a second family through living, studying, working and having fun together.

Members connect with the families and friends of their fellow members and alumni all over the country. These connections can lead to potential mentors and future employers.

Greeks and Academics

Fraternities and sororities actively promote academic excellence. Each organization requires members to maintain a minimum grade point average to remain a member in good standing in the chapter. Chapters help their members via scholarships, study halls and incentive programs.

Campus Leadership and Community Service

Fraternity and sorority members are well-rounded and often become organization leaders across campus. These include collegiate athletics, peer mentoring programs and registered student organizations.

Every year these students give hundreds of hours of service to the community by:

  • Sponsoring fundraising activities for their national philanthropies
  • Volunteering with underprivileged elementary school children
  • Participating in alternative fall and spring break programs

Cost of Membership

Joining a fraternity or sorority carries a financial commitment. Each chapter is self-supporting through mandatory dues paid by members. These cover scholarship incentives, leadership initiatives, national dues, liability insurance, intramural supplies and social expenses. On average, chapter dues range from $300-600 per semester, with the first semester the most expensive because of a one-time initiation fee. Dues may include a lifetime subscription to the national organization’s magazine.

What about Hazing?

Wingate University has a strict policy against hazing (outlined in our student handbook) for all student groups. We aggressively pursue any reports of violations. If you have concerns about hazing, please contact us promptly.