So your student is finally enrolled at Wingate University. Congratulations! Here are answers to your frequently asked questions.

a brick sign at the entrance of Wingate University with a fountain in the background

We understand that you have many questions as you and your student learn to navigate our campus community.

This list connects you with resources of particular interest to first-year parents, based on the 2016-2017 Wingate University Student Handbook (PDF). Wingate University’s orientation video for parents illustrates how our resources fit together in your student’s transition to college. For additional tips, see Campus Information for Prospective Parents.

General Contacts

Admissions: 704-233-8200
Athletics: 704-233-8193
Business office (account payments): 704-233-8211
Financial planning: 704-233-8209
Internships and career services: 704-233-8249
Orientation: 704-233-8663


Academic Resource Center: 704-233-8265
Registrar: 704-233-8006
Student advising: 704-233-8266
Wingate Outfitters (Bookstore): 704-233-8025

How can I help my student with career planning?
My student is undecided on a major. How can I help?
What is the Wingate Pledge, and what does it mean for my student’s length of study?
What resources are available to help my student succeed at college?
Who assists in planning a program of study?

Campus Life, Housing and Board Plans

Computer assistance (IT): 704-233-8333
Maintenance requests: 704-845-6363

Where can I find computer assistance?
What should my student bring for residence hall living?
When are rooms and roommates assigned?

Health and Safety

Counseling and wellness: 704-233-8979
The Health Center (medical): 704-233-8102
Campus Safety: 704-233-8999

How safe is the campus and who provides security?
What kind of health care is available on campus?
What kind of health insurance is required for my student?

Visiting Campus

Where is visitor parking?
Where should I stay while visiting my student?

Can’t Find an Answer?

If you need answers, please email the Office of Parent Relations.